Get the Rural Votes Forget the taxpayer #GeneralElections2019 #ndtv #indiatoday #budget


Get the Rural votes , forget the taxpayer, he’s a fool! How about  games : lets keep then busy !
Remember  the Roman Emperor who started the Gladiator fights to keep the audience occupied.

Its time the taxpayer puts aside political ideology and starts to count how much money and gain has come into his pocket ,not by virtue of a global rally in stock markets, but by

1.Increase in salary and disposable income

2.Reduction in taxes

3.Increase in quality of roads

4.Increase in Honesty of Police Officials

5.Increase in Quality of Bus services and railways

6.Reduction in costs with regard to compliance

7.Decrease in Electricity Costs

8.Decrease in Fuel Costs

9.Decrease in Costs of Food

The message delivered to the small businessman and salaried individual is simple: GET LOST.

You may have planned your financials but you know, someone, sort of ,has not been not doing the job, so

a) He needs to tax your savings which may increase otherwise because you may invest it in an asset which is appreciating ;  since he cant increase the direct taxes on your salary anymore,

b) Not to mention he did not pass on the international low fuel price benefit to you for many years ,

c) Has not punished many corrupt bureaucrats  which he may have done after he took away the old currency;

d) He has increased your insurance premiums by virtue of increase in indirect taxes

e) He is the owner of the for  PSU banks for years  , but it was the previous owner who gave them to him in a very bad shape……

Hopefully the taxpayer – both salaried and traders are smart enough to realise ideology aside – there is serious lack of talent here .

Intent can be changed , but talent needs to acquired, and that talent needs to willingly work for you .

#GeneralElections2019 #ndtv #indiatoday #budget